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Our Active Directory Resilience Assessment Approach

Our team will give your organization a series of actionable steps to prevent or degrade adversary maneuverability within your Active Directory environment. Account privileges, logon activity, and trust relationships will be mapped and analyzed to identify Attack Path Choke points that sever the ability for the adversary to compromise high value targets.

Active Directory Mapping

Collect Active Directory data to identify attack and escalation paths to critical assets within your environment

Attack Path Identification

Conduct automated mapping of Active Directory misconfigurations that could be used by attackers to escalate access rights, attain administrative control of the environment, or gain access to key individuals

Cross Domain Analysis

Determine the effects of a breach scenario is a separate company, or business unit trust relationships into a highly sensitive area of the network

Critical Asset Identification

Regardless of the complexity or size of your Active Directory environment, we will be able to map a breach scenario and identify key terrain areas for monitoring and additional security measures

Credential Theft Attack Analysis

Quantify the risk of using privileged accounts in the network by analyzing when, where, and how frequently these accounts are used – and how an adversary could use these accounts against you

What You Will Receive

A full planning phase tailored to achieve maximum impact of the assessment

Real time communication and collaboration during the assessment execution window

Executive and technical level briefings with your staff

A visual representation of privilege escalation paths, credential theft potential, administrative account use and cross-domain trusts and privileges across your Active Directory environment

Comprehensive write-ups in a full report detailing every facet of the engagement

Recommendations and metrics for significantly reducing the attack surface in your Active Directory environment

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