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Russel Van Tuyl

Web technologies continue to progress and with that brings an abundance of new protocols that aim to increase internet traffic efficiency and security. This introduces new capabilities into web browser which in-turn requires security tools and process to adapt for effective handling, monitoring, or detection. The TCP based HTTP/2 and the UDP based HTTP/3 protocols are two of the newer protocols that are used by major web browsers and could exist on your network. In this talk we'll do a walkthrough of Merlin, a post-exploitation Command and Control (C2) tool written in Go that leverages these protocols for Command and Control (C2) traffic. The presentation will go through an introduction to the HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 protocols along with other unique Merlin capabilities such as the OPAQUE key exchange, encrypted JSON Web Tokens, and dynamic JA3 client hash modification. The talk will conclude with a Power User section walking through Merlin's various menus and ways to avoid detections. Attend this presentation to increase your knowledge and capabilities of these newer version of HTTP.

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