RSA Conference 2023 | APRIL 24-27, 2023

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SpecterOps is proud to be a Bronze sponsor at RSA Conference 2023 in San Francisco, CA. Visit us at our booth #N-5335 in the North Expo Hall to meet with our experts and receive a demo of BloodHound Enterprise.

For enterprise security leaders who want the best solution to protect their organization, BloodHound Enterprise delivers the first-of-its-kind Identity Risk Management platform to identify and eliminate millions of Identity Attack Paths. By continuously identifying strategic Attack Path choke points and providing practical, precise, and safe remediation guidance, BloodHound Enterprise empowers security teams to remove identity privilege escalation risks efficiently and effectively.

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Identity Risk Management: Eliminating Attackers’ Path to Full Control

Justin Kohler: Vice President of Products, SpecterOps


Justin Kohler

VP, Products

Identity Attack Paths are the easiest and most reliable target attackers use to gain complete control of your organization. This session highlights both simple and complex attack paths attackers can abuse and how Identity Risk Management techniques that incorporate Attack Path Mapping can prevent these attacks from crossing the identity perimeter.

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