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Who we are

SpecterOps was founded with the belief that only with true knowledge of how adversaries operate, will organizations be able to defend themselves against the devastating effects of modern attacks.

Organizations with a comprehensive understanding of how adversary capabilities and methodologies can be utilized against their environments, and how to detect those activities, can gain crucial confidence in the safety of their most critical assets and data.

Our Vision

A more secure world through demystifying adversary tradecraft and promoting actionable approaches that are accessible to all.

Our Mission

Enable our clients and our community to defend against adversaries through education, visibility, and proactive countermeasures.

What we believe in

Our Mission Drives Our Values


We face challenges best through dedication to constant inquiry, questioning the status quo, and improving in our collective knowledge.


We are resolute in continuous pursuit of the best solution to meet the complex challenges put before us.


We believe the best outcomes are achieved through seeking to understand the perspectives of others.


Our efforts should leave a legacy, built to survive with a consistent and balanced approach.


We believe perfection is unattainable, mistakes cultivate improvement, and true progress is possible only through the active pursuit of feedback from others.

Empowerment Through

We believe sharing our knowledge enables our teammates, customers, and community to drive meaningful improvement in themselves.

Customers & Community

We Aim to Make a Difference for Our Whole Industry

We are committed to setting the pace of the industry in simulating, detecting and hardening against advanced adversary capabilities through our investment in top-notch training, tools, and community engagement. Our experts have been on the front lines in defending government agencies and the world’s largest enterprises in the financial services, healthcare, technology, media, and communications industries, taking the lead in defending against today’s threats. While our customers will always come first, we believe that through openly sharing our capabilities with the community, we can help improve not only the security posture of our customers, but of the industry as a whole.



Our contributions to improving our industry through employee sponsored open-source projects, white papers, conference presentations, and blog posts



Through our Adversary Tactics public courses, conference training events, privately delivered trainings, and custom developed training offerings



Across adversary simulation and detection assessments, long term partnerships improving and augmenting customer security operations programs, and customized advisory support

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