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What Makes Us Different

SpecterOps aspires to set the cadence for the rest of the security assessment industry. We provide technical assessment program development, independent testing, operational assessment support, and premier training in Adversary Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures.

Industry Experts

The SpecterOps team consists of sought-after experts, who bring years of breach assessment (hunt) and red team experience from both commercial and government sectors.

Tools of the Trade

SpecterOps team members develop open source tools for Information Security specialists including BloodHound, Empire, PowerForensics, PowerView, Uproot, and others.

Unsurpassed Transparency

We make sure our customers understand the fundamentals of the services we provide, so that you can strengthen your security posture, even after we’re gone. In addition, we share our knowledge through training, publications, and presentations to benefit the industry as a whole, not just our customers.

Tools of the Trade

SpecterOps Projects - Free and Open Source

Empire Project

A secure and adaptable post-exploitation agent framework based on PowerShell and Python that allows you to perform offensive operations as a representative actor.


A solution for mapping both the explicit and hidden relationships in your Active Directory environment, enabling you to identify and eliminate potential attack paths.


An all-inclusive framework for hard drive forensic analysis supporting numerous file systems including NTFS, FAT, Extended File System and HFS+.