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Information security is constantly evolving. New defenses, and attacks, are cultivated on an almost daily basis. Organizations consistently invest in strengthening their processes and upgrading their technological controls, yet it’s easy for the improvement of employee capabilities to fall by the wayside.

It's more important than ever to prepare our people today for the threats we’ll face tomorrow. SpecterOps training courses instill a foundation of knowledge for participants and then build upon that with forward-looking skills and topics based on current adversary Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs).

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Learn Practical Topics from SpecterOps Practitioners

SpecterOps believes the human component to any security program is critical. Training is an essential part of building fundamental knowledge and perfecting the skills necessary to protect the enterprise; as most experts already know, buying tools and technical capabilities is not enough. The people behind those toolsets are what separates an average team from a high-performance force within your organization.

Our specialty is understanding the adversary; it is a component of everything our team does. Our Adversary Tactics training series will give you in-depth looks into how to attack, defend, and harden your environment against advanced threat actors. Your instructors will be our in-the-field experts, on the front lines of offensive and defensive assessments every day.

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Adversary Tactics
Training Courses

Red Team Operations

Red Team Operations

Adversary Tactics: Red Team Operations helps close that gap for red teamers, providing practical tradecraft for operators to use on their next test and guidance for how to maintain that edge over time.




Adversary Tactics: Detection will provide you the understanding and ability to build robust detections, starting with the “Why?” and going all the way to the technical implementation of detecting threat actor activity. You will learn how to apply the methodologies and technical approaches practiced, regardless of the security toolsets deployed in your organization.

Tradecraft Analysis

Tradecraft Analysis

Adversary Tactics: Tradecraft Analysis teaches the importance of understanding the inner workings of attack techniques and telemetry availability and provide a workflow for developing robust detection analytics or data-driven evasion decisions.

Mac Tradecraft

Mac Tradecraft

In Adversary Tactics: Mac Tradecraft, we highlight the latest macOS security enhancements and arm participants with the foundational knowledge to operate against macOS endpoints and environments. The course then builds on that foundation through a deep dive into the concepts behind techniques to enable operational flexibility and prepare for future macOS enhancements, rather than simply training with specific available tooling.

Vulnerability Research

Vulnerability Research

In Adversary Tactics: Vulnerability Research for Operators, you will learn an operator-focused approach to find the vulnerabilities needed to escalate privileges, execute arbitrary code, or facilitate lateral movement in Windows environments.

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We regularly share our operational knowledge and lessons learned in the field. Join us to help build your knowledge, hone your skills, and get practical tips to better secure your organization.

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Private Trainings

Scheduling for a team can be tough. If our public course offerings don’t fit your busy schedule, why not set up a private training session? Our team of Specters can provide you the same great training as our public offerings on your time and in a private setting.

Custom Training Development

Have a training need that isn’t quite answered by one of our current courses? SpecterOps does custom training development! Leverage our collective experience breaking into and securing large organizations in building your training course, lab, or CTF.

Custom Labs & CTF Development

Get your hands on some practice! SpecterOps regularly builds realistic, threat-replicative lab and CTF environments to meet organizational needs. Whether you want a freeform practice lab or need a guided CTF to supplement existing training, our Specters can help.