Announcements   |   Oct 12 2023 | SpecterOps

New Training Course Announcement – Azure Security Fundamentals


SpecterOps is excited to announce our next training course: Azure Security Fundamentals! This course will teach participants the fundamentals of Azure, with a focus on security informed by attacker insight. Participants will build on this knowledge through an understanding of how Azure architectures, like solely cloud-based environments or hybridized on-premises and Azure environments, can affect the overall security of an environment. Azure Security Fundamentals cuts through the fog of the cloud by building participants’ understanding of Azure’s infrastructure components, common architecture designs, and security controls in the context of the attacker lifecycle. Through hands-on labs, this course also teaches participants how to identify misconfigurations in Azure that are commonly leveraged by attackers. Participants should expect to walk away from Azure Security Fundamentals with a strong foundation of Azure security knowledge and first step on their journey of attacking or defending corporate Azure environments.

Azure Security Fundamentals is a 4-day, foundational course that aims to provide a baseline knowledge about Azure to information security professionals. While the course is designed to be accessible to beginners, it comprises knowledge that’s valuable to professionals of all experience levels. The course assumes no prior Azure knowledge, though participants should have a basic familiarity with cloud concepts and would benefit from previous exposure to an enterprise Azure environment.

The course is in active development and will be released as a part of SO-CON 2024 on March 12 – 15, 2024. Please check out our course page for more details!

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We look forward to releasing the course in March and hope to see you at SO-CON 2024!