Announcements   |   Aug 31 2020 | Andy Robbins

Announcing SO-CON 2020 – Nov 16 – 20, 2020


SpecterOps is pleased to announce SO-CON 2020, our first virtual conference taking place November 16th – 20th, 2020. The event will showcase our team member’s latest public research, tool releases/updates, and projects. We will also have an exciting announcement or two to make at the event.

Preceding a day of talks and workshops, November 16th – 19th we will be virtually hosting two new training courses (details below), along with offerings of our current Adversary Tactics: Red Team Operations and Adversary Tactics: Detection courses. While AT:RTO and AT:D have been available for years, we are hard at work updating the courses with our latest operational tradecraft and our team is excited to showcase new versions for the event. The two new courses are:

Adversary Tactics: Mac Tradecraft

As companies increasingly use macOS in their networks, red team operators must understand how to train a detection and response capability for attack against macOS. Students will dig into these security controls to understand the methodologies and tooling available to simulate adversaries targeting macOS environments.

Additional details:

Adversary Tactics: Vulnerability Research for Operators

Learn the methodology and tools to find exploitable vulnerabilities on Windows systems during live time-sensitive engagements. This course dives into the vulnerability classes that SpecterOps routinely finds in mature environments and details methods of identification, triage, and exploitation.

Additional details:

Talks and workshops will be provided November 20th and be recorded for later viewing as well.  Talks will showcase some of our team member’s latest research and tool releases, while workshops will focus on simulation and detection concepts and operational usage of some of the toolsets our team builds. Attendance to talks and workshops’ will be free, although registration is limited.

We will be announcing additional details on what to expect at the event in the coming weeks as content is finalized.

More information and register at: