Announcements   |   Aug 19 2021 | Andy Robbins

Announcing SO-CON 2021 Trainings and Workshops


September 21, 2021 Update: As we are sure is the case for many in our industry, the 2nd half of 2021 has become a mad den of activity for us, including planning for some events in 2022. Given our competing priorities, we have decided adding several workshops (at the quality we would be proud of) to the Jenga tower is one block too many. So, for this year we are going to focus on our training courses only for SO-CON and look forward to our (soon to be released) event lineup for 2022.

Our decision to hold our first SO-CON event in 2020 was really about giving our team something uplifting to work towards during the dark days of the early pandemic months; sharing our research and development, debuting new training courses, and most importantly, providing a positive distraction for the community. Following that event, our hope was to hold similar sessions in-person (with online components) and generate fun and informative discussions with friends.

Unfortunately, while much has changed in 2021, it became clear in-person events would not be advisable. If we wanted to do a SO-CON 2021, it would have to be fully virtual again. However, one advantage of virtual events is you get to experiment with formats. And we thought, while talk tracks can be fun, this year we’d like to switch up the format to focus on more in-depth and educational content.

This year we are going to try an all-workshop format for SO-CON 2021, which we will be holding November 5th. Workshops will be provided live and will also be recorded for later viewing. Attendance to sessions and workshops will be free, although registration will be limited. We will have more information on content and registration in the coming weeks.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a SpecterOps event without holding our training courses as well. This year we will be offering all five of our training courses, including our new Adversary Tactics: Tradecraft Analysis course, taught by Jared Atkinson and Lee Christensen.

Registration is now open for all SO-CON training courses (links below) and stay tuned for future announcements on free workshops and sessions.

Training Course Registration:

Adversary Tactics: Tradecraft Analysis

Adversary Tactics: Red Team Ops

Adversary Tactics: Detection

Adversary Tactics: Mac Tradecraft

Adversary Tactics: Vulnerability Research for Operators