Announcements   |   Jun 16 2022 | Andy Robbins

Announcing SO-CON 2022: Oct 24 – 28, 2022


SpecterOps is pleased to announce SO-CON 2022, our third-annual training event taking place both in-person and online October 24th – 28th, 2022. In addition to hosting all five of our Adversary Tactics training courses, including newly expanded, three-day versions of our Mac Tradecraft and Vulnerability Research for Operators courses, SO-CON will wrap the week with a series of new training workshops developed by our team of Specters.

Join us in October and let’s keep learning – together!

SO-CON 2022 kicks off the week with our Adversary Tactics courses:

  • – Red Team Operations helps you simulate your organization’s own worst enemy by upgrading your red team toolkit with cutting-edge Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) and adopting an offense-in-depth mindset
  • – Our Detection course helps you look beyond the blinking boxes in your detection stack by adopting toolset agnostic detection methodologies and leveraging technical approaches mature organizations require to maintain data security
  • – Tradecraft Analysis teaches the importance of understanding the inner workings of attack techniques and telemetry availability, imparting a workflow for developing robust detection analytics or data-driven evasion decisions
  • – Mac Tradecraft helps bridge that Mac gap by highlighting the latest macOS security enhancements and arming red teamers with the foundational knowledge needed to attack hybrid or Mac-focused environments
  • – Vulnerability Research for Operators expands your bag of tricks through an operator-focused methodology for finding the vulnerabilities needed to enable attacker privilege escalation, code execution, or lateral movement in Windows environments

SO-CON Workshops will wrap up the week with a series of new workshops delivered in-person and online throughout Friday. Workshops will focus on simulation and detection concepts, mindsets, and operational techniques and tooling. Further workshop details and ticketing information will be announced as SO-CON approaches. Sign up to be alerted when new details are announced.

We will be announcing additional details on what to expect at the event in the coming weeks as content is finalized.

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