Announcements   |   Jul 10 2017 | Andy Robbins

Announcing SpecterOps


SpecterOps Debuts Adversary-Centered Cybersecurity Solutions

Experts Form Company to Simulate, Detect, and Defend Against Cyber Adversaries

July 10, 2017 – McLean, VA – Specter Ops, Inc. (“SpecterOps”) launches today to offer cybersecurity services and technologies informed by adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures. SpecterOps professionals help companies simulate, detect, and resist advanced threat actors attempting to breach their systems. SpecterOps solutions include technical security program development, independent adversary-focused assessments, internal assessment support, and training solutions.

Raphael Mudge, President of SpecterOps notes: “The security industry has made amazing progress in the past several years. Attackers keep pace too. Organizations that win against modern threats know how adversaries operate and use this knowledge to find and execute on the right strategies for their business. To help organizations quickly gain this defensive edge, we have an experienced team that knows advanced threat tactics and applies this know-how to assess security posture, train defenders, harden environments, and hunt for modern threats.”

SpecterOps Leverages an Experienced Technical Leadership Team

SpecterOps was founded by Raphael Mudge, the creator of the Cobalt Strike platform for Adversary Simulations. The high-caliber team at SpecterOps has secured Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. The team includes the founders of high-visibility technical assessment teams and influential open source projects such as: Empire, an adversary simulation platform, BloodHound, a visual attack chain mapping tool, and PowerForensics, an endpoint forensics solution.

SpecterOps Delivers Adversary-Centric Capabilities
Adversary Simulation

Simulate real-world advanced adversaries and replicate the entire attack cycle to identify gap areas within defensive people, processes, and technology.

Adversary Detection

Understand how to identify unknown, advanced threat actors operating within your environment.

Adversary Resilience

Harden your environment to inhibit adversaries attempting to execute their attack cycle, enabling detection and eradication.

Upcoming Events

The SpecterOps team will be at several events at Black Hat and DEF CON, July 26th – 31st. See the presentations our team members are giving and where to meet up with us.

SpecterOps will be hosting an upcoming webinar on offensive and defensive adversary methods entitled, “Catch Me If You Can: Red vs. Blue.” Learn more or register here.

About Specter Ops, Inc.

SpecterOps provides adversary-focused cybersecurity solutions to help organizations understand how threat actors maneuver against them, so they can defend against advanced attacks. SpecterOps replicates adversary tradecraft, hardens systems against the attack cycle, and helps detect current advanced threat actor activity. Service offerings include internal program development, training courses, independent assessment options, and assessment operations support. With knowledge of the adversary, organizations are empowered to successfully prevent devastating breaches. Learn more at or email us at