Announcements   |   Sep 21 2017 | Andy Robbins

New Training Course – Adversary Tactics: PowerShell


PowerShell offers security practitioners working within the Microsoft stack amazing capabilities for both offense and defense. Today, PowerShell is relied upon by red teams, threat hunters, incident responders, penetration testers, cyber criminals, and nation-state adversaries alike. Where PowerShell used to be great for evading detection, along with its popularity among attackers, its security features have caught up accordingly. Whether you’re in a red or blue team role, you need to have a thorough understanding of PowerShell security capabilities.

SpecterOps is extremely excited to announce our new Adversary Tactics: PowerShell four-day course, with the first public offering being held November 13th – 16th in Bellevue (Seattle), Washington.

This course designed to teach students to take full advantage of the unique benefits PowerShell offers security professionals. Learn the skills necessary to leverage PowerShell as an attacker in a high-security environment and what it takes as a defender to effectively detect and mitigate against attacker use of PowerShell. Every concept taught in class will be accompanied with the mindset of “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” whereby mitigations and detections (as well as bypasses) will be discussed in detail.

Come learn from some of the foremost experts in PowerShell security. SpecterOps will supply the training space, network, lab, lunch, snacks, and drinks. Students will supply a laptop and a hunger to learn the current state of PowerShell security on both the defensive and offensive side.

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