Announcements   |   Oct 28 2022 | jdimmock

New Training Course Announcement- Active Directory: Security Fundamentals


SpecterOps is excited to announce our next training course: Active Directory: Security Fundamentals! The course will detail key components of Active Directory technology and architectures, focusing on the security implications of each. We’ll cover physical & logical components, forests & domains, Kerberos, and various tooling like ADUC – all from a security perspective. Course participants will get hands-on experience enumerating the architectures and security controls of a live Active Directory environment and will then analyze the data extracted.

Active Directory: Security Fundamentals is a foundational course that aims to provide a baseline knowledge about Active Directory to information security professionals. While the course is being designed to be accessible to beginners, it comprises knowledge that’s valuable to professionals of all experience levels. The course assumes no prior Active Directory knowledge, though participants would benefit from previous exposure to an enterprise Active Directory environment.

The course is in active development with a target release of Q2 2023. Please check out our course page for more details!

If you’d like to be notified when more details are announced, please feel free to sign up to our mailing list by entering your email in the signup at the top of the course page.

We look forward to releasing the course in the coming months and hope to see you at one of our offerings!