Newsroom   |   Nov 1 2017 | Andy Robbins

SpecterOps Acquires MINIS LLC


November 1, 2017 – Seattle, WA – Specter Ops, Inc. (“SpecterOps”) today announced that it has acquired MINIS LLC, a premiere provider of adversary simulation and threat mitigation services. MINIS has offered deep technical expertise in Adversary Simulation exercises to the Department of Defense since its inception in 2014. Together, the companies will represent one of the highest caliber service offerings in red teaming, penetration testing, adversary detection, resilience, and technical security training. In addition, SpecterOps will acquire the Threat Express suite of tools, which support adversary simulation engagement execution.

Raphael Mudge, President of SpecterOps, noted that both teams have their roots in the Department of Defense concept of adversary simulation and red teaming. “This acquisition brings together industry leaders who understand the big picture of security testing informed by modern threats. Both teams have demonstrated a commitment to developing and sharing best practices for professional, safe, and beneficial security assessments. I’m excited to see what we do together.” The combined customer base includes leading organizations in Healthcare, Finance, Defense, and Government.

Joe Vest and James Tubberville, co-founders of MINIS LLC echoed the statements. “Both organizations have a wealth of talented operators, experience, and an adversary mindset that allows our customers to fully understand the effects of a breach. We are excited to be combining forces as this new team represents some of the foremost experts in the industry.”

About SpecterOps

SpecterOps provides adversary-focused cybersecurity solutions to help organizations understand how threat actors maneuver against them, so they can defend against advanced attacks. SpecterOps replicates adversary tradecraft, hardens systems against the attack cycle, and helps detect current advanced threat actor activity. Service offerings include internal program development, training courses, independent assessment options, and assessment operations support. With knowledge of the adversary, organizations are empowered to successfully prevent devastating breaches. Learn more at or email us at


MINIS is a leading Cyber and Information Security consulting company specializing in expert-level penetration testing, red team operations, cyber threat analysis, cyber threat emulation and replication, application security, vulnerability assessment and mitigation, and incident mitigation.