Newsroom   |   Oct 24 2017 | Andy Robbins

SpecterOps Appoints Company Leaders to New Executive Positions


October 24, 2017 – Seattle, WA – Specter Ops, Inc. (“SpecterOps”) announces today the appointment of a trio of current company leaders, David McGuire, Jason Frank and Michael Wright, to new executive positions.

David McGuire is being appointed as the Chief Executive Officer, where he will serve as the executive leader overseeing corporate direction. David previously served as the Executive Vice President in charge of day-to-day corporate operations. He brings to the position his extensive experience holding key positions developing and advising multiple large-scale security operations teams.

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Jason Frank is being appointed as the Chief Operations Officer, where he will be responsible for day-to-day corporate operations, strategic delivery and quality. Jason previously served as Vice President of Operations in charge of service delivery. He brings to the position his experience building and overseeing corporate, consulting and public-sector security services teams.

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Michael Wright is being appointed as the Chief Information Officer, where he will be responsible for all corporate information and technology operations. Michael previously served as the Director of Technology in charge of building the company’s technology platform. He brings to the position his experience in conducting security operations and building technology platforms for security operations teams.

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“I am very proud to appoint David, Jason and Michael to their new executive positions,” notes Raphael Mudge, President of SpecterOps. “These are seasoned leaders that take care of their people and customers, share a commitment to contribute to our industry, and know how to reflect these priorities in our actions as a business.”

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