Newsroom   |   Mar 4 2020 | Andy Robbins

SpecterOps Remains Independent


SpecterOps is aware of recent news that Strategic Cyber LLC announced an acquisition to HelpSystems, which can be found at:

SpecterOps has always operated, and continues to operate, as a separate entity to Strategic Cyber LLC / Cobalt Strike. As a company, SpecterOps focuses on building and maturing offensive and defensive capabilities for our clients through program development, operations support, and training solutions. While we utilize Cobalt Strike in certain training offerings, the solutions we offer rarely intersect with, and serve a separate need from, the Cobalt Strike product.

SpecterOps was founded in 2017 by Raphael Mudge. During that time, Raphael served as the Principal for Strategic Cyber LLC and as the President of SpecterOps. Raphael was effectively able to split his time on the Cobalt Strike product, while serving the needs in his capacity with SpecterOps. As both businesses have grown, it became clear that Raphael needed to focus his efforts primarily on Strategic Cyber LLC and his duties within SpecterOps as President decreased over time.┬áIn conjunction with the acquisition, both teams felt it was the best time to formally discontinue the relationship and we accepted Raphael’s resignation from SpecterOps.

SpecterOps continues to operate independently and we wish Raphael and HelpSystems the best in building the future of Cobalt Strike. As customers of the product, we look forward to seeing the fruits of their labor.