Announcements   |   Jul 18 2017 | Andy Robbins

Training Course Announcement: Adversary Tactics – Red Team Operations


SpecterOps is excited to host our first publicly available training September 12th – 15th in McLean, VA, where we’ll be offering our new Adversary Tactics: Red Team Operations four day course. This course teaches you how to infiltrate networks, gather intelligence, and covertly persist in a simulated enterprise environment designed to mimic a mature real-world network. Skills developed during the course will be used to go up against live incident responders working to remove you from their networks. The blue team will provide real-time feedback to students to demonstrate the artifacts attackers can leave behind and how students can adapt their tradecraft to minimize their footprint.

The red team methodology taught in this course focuses on “offense-in-depth,” or the ability to rapidly adapt to defensive mitigations and responses with a variety of offensive tactics and techniques. We’ll provide an unlocked trial of Cobalt Strike for the course, which will be the primary red team platform used throughout the training. You’ll also learn PowerView, PowerShell Empire, PowerSploit, PowerUp, and BloodHound, straight from the creators.

We’ll provide the training space, network, lab, lunch, snacks, and drinks. You bring a laptop and an appetite to learn cutting edge red team tradecraft.

Register for the course at: The first ten students to register will receive a 10% discount.

Learn more about our Adversary Tactics: Red Team Operations course.