How We Help

Operational Support

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How It Works

Even the top security assessment teams need occasional assistance. More frequently, an internal corporate team can be made more effective by incorporating external knowledge and expertise gleaned from working across industries and enterprises. SpecterOps operators can integrate with your team to assess and expand your operational capabilities, or to deliver surge support when specific issues, or technical obstacles must be overcome.

Why Us?

As developers of some of the foremost open source toolsets and assessment methodologies, our team fosters a pace setting cadence for the rest of the security industry. Our operators openly share our technical capabilities (such as Empire, BloodHound, PowerForensics) and our operational methodologies with our customers and with the community. One aim is to provide our potential customers with a sense of confidence by delivering unparalleled transparency into how our services are conducted. You will have the unique opportunity to benchmark the caliber of our talent, simply by listening to our talks, reading our content, or utilizing the tools we produce.

What You Will Receive

Expert technical assistance and support for assessment execution.

Professional and courteous service

Real time communication and collaboration

Assistance in deliverable development