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How It Works

We believe the human component to any security program is absolutely critical. Training is an essential part of perfecting the skills necessary to protect the enterprise. As most experts already know, buying tools and technical capabilities is not enough. The people behind those toolsets are what separates an average team from a high-performance force within your organization. Our specialty is understanding the adversary. It is part of everything we do. Our Adversary Tactics training series will give you in-depth dives into how to attack, defend, and harden your environment against advanced threat actors. Your instructors will be our in-the-field experts, on the front lines of offensive and defensive assessments every day.

Private Onsite Training

If a public offering of the training classes does not fit your busy schedule, our team of experts are available to provide a private training offering to your organization. This is by far the best way for your team to get one on one access to the instructors and solidify the material. We provide all training material as well as laptops and classroom locations if needed.