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The Problem of Attack Paths

An unseen, unmanaged problem that continues to grow

  • Active Directory admins today are given impractical, nebulous guidance to implement Least Privilege and Tiered Administration
  • Mountains of Misconfiguration Debt pile up and grow for years
  • Active Directory Security posture is effectively unknowable and no tangible progress can be made

If the Adversary Owns AD, they Own Everything

  • Adversary control of all systems and data
  • Deep persistence options for the adversary
  • Adversary impersonation of any user
  • Abuse of legitimate access to non-AD systems

Finding Attack Paths in any Active Directory domain is virtually guaranteed

The scale, reliability, and availability of Attack Paths has exposed a huge gap in how we try to secure Active Directory today. Despite current best efforts, Attack Paths remain and continue to grow.

What if we could close that gap?

Stop struggling with lists, start thinking in graphs

Bloodhound Enterprise continuously identifies and quantifies Active Directory choke points while providing efficient and effective guidance to sever millions of Active Directory Attack Paths with minimum effort.

  • Stop struggling with tedious and ineffective mitigation strategies
  • Eliminate AD as attackers’ easiest, most reliable, and biggest payoff target
  • Enable quantifiable security posture improvements

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